Monday, March 19, 2012

I Trust in You

I don't know who you are
How old, how you look, where you are right now.
I know I can't find you just by looking for you
Or wishing for you.
I have to wait it out
And learn all that I have to
So I can appreciate what you are
When you find me.

I know I want to give up
To settle for much much less than what I started out to get.
All the disappointments, disillusionment,
All the people in my life who want me to give up
Who don't want me to believe you exist
Will never get to me because I know
I have to trust in you.

I trust in you
To find me
I trust you are the only one for me in this lifetime
Because with you I can be me
And not have to worry
About the zillion other things
Other women in the world worry about
But refuse to admit even to themselves.

I will wait for you
Maybe even forever
Because I know there's no one else
I can live with.
I know you are the one for me
I don't have a choice but to trust in you.
To be honest, that is the truth.

I trust in you.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Simply lovely Archie :) You have found the best person in this world and that person is YOU. With your each post I can see that you are able to discover yourself and go deeper into yourself. The one who finds you is surely the luckiest person :) God bless you. Love you.