Sunday, January 15, 2012


I want to be a believer
I want to believe that good things can and will happen to me.
And just because they happened, they are not going to go away.
I want to believe that my present and future are not dictated by my past.
I do not want to punish someone for someone else's mistakes
Or for the lessons life determined I should learn.
I wish to be naive, I want to believe once more.
How do I let go of fear?
How do I learn to trust once again?
To have faith when an aspect of my life
Has always broken me without fail?
What is going to make this time different?
I feel like I am going to fall
From a greater height this time
I do fear I won't survive
But I know I will.
I wish this is the last time I have to trust and not see it break
And pray what's in my life is here to stay.