Sunday, December 25, 2011

Everything to be me

I'd trade everything in my life
For just one thing
And that one thing is the freedom to be me.
I let go of me to see
If I can do things that allow me to fit in
To get what I want.
But there's only so much time I can play that role.
Before long, I come back to who I need to be to survive
And I am one complicated person
Oh boy I love me!
To be honest, I would not have me any other way.
I've become the redoubtable pragmatist
I wanted to be sometime ago.
I've learnt to walk away
To give in, to learn, to study,
To rationalize, to understand,
To let go, to come back, to find the middle ground,
To laugh, to go the depths of misery, enjoy it,
Come back out,
While keeping my normal life going.
To work through confused emotions,
To find a way with confused people,
To put myself on the line,
To protect myself,
To change me, yet not change me,
To lose me, to find me again.
I've not become anything great to celebrate
But I've never been more proud
Of the person I have become.