Thursday, August 11, 2011


When I read for the first time
That there can more than one soulmate for a person,
I was scandalized! It was too much for my romantic sensibilities to handle.
I believed in the perfect fairytale.
You meet your soulmate
You marry them and live happily ever after!

I've met a few of my soulmates in my life.
Yes that's a plural meaning there can be more than one.
Meeting a soulmate is a beautiful experience.
You sort of just connect without introduction
You don't need words to communicate.
You tell each other things that your best friends don't know about
Not because you want to
But because you can't help but tell them.
It's almost a compulsion.
How do you know when you meet a soulmate?
Well, it's cliched but you just know!
Do all soulmate relationships end happily?
No. Sometimes the soulmate comes along
To help you discover a part of you
You did not even know existed.
They make you feel alive
They amplify all your emotions
And make you vulnerable.
And then it's possible that
Destiny never meant for you to be together
And you go your separate ways.
You were just meant to meet each other
At that point in life when you needed to teach each other something.
Once the lesson is learnt, you come out of it
Knowing more about yourself.
Is it easy to let go of a soulmate connection?
No. I don't think you can ever let go of it completely.
When you meet again, it'll be like time stands still
And you don't remember the hurts inflicted on you
By that person
Even if you'd sworn revenge at the time they broke you.
You'll never be able to understand it,
Explain or rationalize it to yourself.
They make complete fools of you and
Yet you find yourself making excuses for them.

The experiences in my life
Have taught me
That the soulmate connection does not matter
As much as someone who can stick it out with me,
Through sickness and health, through wealth and poverty,
Through life and death.
I don't need a soulmate to hurt me
Or make life difficult for me
I do that very well for myself thanks!
I need someone who I can count on
Who I trust with my life.
I'd trade an earthy but strong and stable connection
Over a fantastic but hurtful soulmate connection anyday.

12 Aug, 2011