Tuesday, August 10, 2010


For the first time in my life
I feel really beautiful.
It's not that everything in my life is sorted.
Honestly, nor do I want it to be.
If I could plan in advance
What my life was meant to be
And it worked according to that plan
I'd be limiting my life to how much I can plan.
I want to be able to
Watch with wonder as life unfolds before me.
I want to experience the possibilities
That I did not think could happen.
I am surprised at what the universe
Manifests for me when I have done my best.
It's not exactly what I wanted
Or what I was hoping for
But somehow I know it's for my benefit.
When I will look back at current events
In my future
I'm sure I will know it all worked out for the best.
I feel beautiful
I feel beautiful inside.

11 August 2010