Saturday, April 24, 2010

Whatever Happened?

In the world that we live in today
I honestly wish that bravery were not an old fashioned word.
I seek hopefully every time to
Only be disappointed
When another person I trusted
Runs away from facing the reality.
When things get really bad,
I find myself to be one of very few still standing.
It's now happened so often
That I have begun to question
If there is such a thing as integrity in the world.
Whatever happened to standing up for what is right
No matter what the consequence?
Whatever happened to speaking the truth
When you know it is going to get you into trouble?
Whatever happened to taking on people your own size?
Whatever happened to taking a stand
To protect the victim against the bully?
Whatever happened to the concept of a fair fight?
Whatever happened to looking at the larger good?
Whatever happened to being responsible for your words or actions?
Whatever happened to being nice at least to nice people?

I am made to feel like a fool sometimes
When I display any of the above characteristics.
But I am not going to let that make me cynical.
I know I am right and
I know this is the only way I know to live.
I know there are others out there
Who still believe in doing what is right
Over winning a battle that they have already lost
In the process of winning it.
I know I am appreciated for who I am.
But more than that
I know I need to sleep at night
And having a clear conscience
Gets me closer to that goal.
This is who I am.
But more importantly
This is who I choose to be.