Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not a goodbye

I have been through times in my life
That have made me wonder
If there is such a thing as a goodbye.
Who decides when you let go?
Is it totally you, situations or something else?
How often have you had to return to
Something you had let go?
It's a humbling experience in life
To revisit places that you intended
To say goodbye to.
However, if the alternative to leave
Is worse than what you have to face to stay,
Trust me you will choose to stay.
And trust me again,
You will know how to face it.
When you know you have to deal
With something and accept it as reality,
You will find the strength in you to face it.
Either you can face it by hiding
Or face it bravely and tackle it head on.
When you choose to let go is not your choice.
But how to deal with facing reality is most certainly yours.
And I ain't cribbing!

30 March, 2010