Friday, November 28, 2008

Me Liberated

I have waited for the world
To give me protection.
I have waited all my life for that one sweet word.
But now, I change my mind.
I am my own protector.
I depend on me.
Destiny never meant for anyone
To care about me
Because it knew.
It knows that I can take care of myself.
I can stand up no matter
What challenge it is that life throws at me.
But there is still this lingering suspicion
In my mind.
Am I pushing people away?
Am I scared to let people in
Because I fear another let down or betrayal?
My inner self knows
That this allegation framed against me is true.
I do not wish to deny it either.
But if you care for someone
Won't you break down the wall
That they have built around themselves?
It's a little like people come
Understand that it will be difficult to get me to believe
And leave.
What's worse? They choose another
To take my place,
Like I do not even matter.
That does not deter me.
I depend on me.
I will face the world on my own.
Thanks anyway. ;)

Archie, dated 28 November, 2008