Monday, May 12, 2008


Don't tell me
I am wrong
When I admit my mistake.
When I'm saying I won't
Repeat it, I mean it.
Don't preach!
I do not claim to know everything.
I never said I will always do what is right.
Cut me some slack.
I am just finding my way through life.
Taking it one step at a time
So I am not overwhelmed
By the sheer magnitude of what
I have to achieve.
Did I say I have to?
I meant I choose to.
Doing what I choose to do is
Taking a lot out of me.
I feel like I am losing a part
Of myself in
Trying to become what I want to be.
I don't wish to give so much.
But I guess I will have to sacrifice
If I want to get to where I want to.
Or at least people who genuinely care
About me want me to get to.

If I make mistakes on the way,
I will learn from them myself.
I am not omniscient
Neither do I want to be.
So don't tell me.
Don't preach.

Archana, 12 May, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008


For the first time in my life
I have hope.
Hope that the future is going
To be better than my past,
Better than my present.

What life had put me through
Had me convinced
That I deserved nothing good.
That anything good
That occasionally happened
Had happened by accident.
That the good things in my life would
Go away never to come back.

But now I have hope.
Lame though it sounds
I have faith in a person whom
I have not even met.
A person who will care for me.
Someone who would never
Let go of me despite my idiosyncrasies.
Somebody who will love me
For who I am.
Somebody who will create so
Much faith for himself in me
That I can laugh at my own insecurities.
Somebody who will find my imperfections so perfect
That I can actually let go of the feeling of being inferior.
That I can be myself with him
And never have to fear abandonment.

Somebody whom I'd give my life for
For loyalty is in my blood.
Somebody, whom I will
Love, cherish and protect
For as long as I live.

Archana, 9 May, 2008