Friday, February 22, 2008


It's a celebration
An occasion commemorated
In no mean measure a homa.
Our traditional bonfire
Surrounded by Pundits
Who chant shlokas
To bring fortune on the people
Who commissioned it.

No one noticed him
When he came in.
He was the kind of person
One ordinarily wouldn't notice
Just because nothing differentiates him
From the rest of the poor men.

He had a weak body
And a sad expression.
There was an inexplicable
Sadness in his eyes.
He looked like a person
Who had seen nothing but suffering.
Someone who had given up on achievement
And defeated by life
Had given in to destiny.

At the end of the homa
He came forward
And was given a sad reward.
A meagre consideration
In exchange for a family's sins.
A burden chooses to carry
Until he purifies himself
With a bath in the Ganges.

Is this how retribution works?
Can someone's sins be transferred
To a willing object?
Why would anyone choose such a life?
Is fate insurmountable?
The sin bearer walks away
With his reward.

Archana, dated 21/02/08

To all my loving readers

I am back! I am so sorry I have not updated my blog in ages! It's like I have been caught in a time warp I had no time for myself. Sounds suspicious? Trust me! I am as honest as honest can get. hehe. Anyway, now that I am back I am determined to document the rest of my ramblings. Thanks very much for the support!

Loads of love,