Tuesday, July 17, 2007


There comes a time
In everyone's life
When you are no longer
Intimidated by change.
You seek it out
Despite the unpredictability it brings along.
At a time like this you would say,
"Anything can be better than this!"

Or you could be the opportunist
Who plunges right into any adventure
Or any challenge that comes his way.

There is yet another kind;
They are the fatalists.
They believe that things happen
Because of destiny.

I believe in the redoubtable pragmatist
Who probably does
Think of an ideal world
But never gets lost
In illusion or fantasy.
To him it is about
Taking life one step at a time.
Facing life as it unfolds
Beauties and beasts intact.
He masters his emotions
More than they master him.
He listens to his heart
But uses his mind.

Dated 15/06/07


Delving into the depths of philosophy
Is no mean entertainment.
Entertainment did i say?
I meant realisation.
For one often knows
The truths of life
But subconsciously tries to dismiss it.
I am guessing it is for the
Collective benefit of the emotions and illusions.
Others would call it circumstance?

I believe that real happiness
Comes from inner strength
An "I can face it" attitude to life.
When a person is steady enough
To take good and bad news
With the same fortitude;
I do not mean indifference,
I refer to detachment
And yet at the same time
Feel the joy of an achievement
And the pang of a disappointment
He has understood life
And its transience
And the true meaning
For his existence on the planet.

Dated 15/06/07

Friday, July 13, 2007

To me poetry is an expression of my inner self. It is about how i feel at a given point in time. The timing is very important which is why i date all my poems. I am never able to write good poetry on demand! :) Strangely enough i can never write a poem when i am at peace with myself. I need to be disturbed somehow. So you may notice many melancholic undertones in what i write but i always end on a positive note. I figure that i am an optimist who just wants to be a pessimist. why? Your guess is as good as mine. I wait for the day when i can write what i feel is a good reflection of myself when i am happy. Here i have put in a few of my poems in no particular order. So long!


I want to be a bird.
I wish to fly high
Into the vast blue sky
Set me free.

I want to be a tree.
A tree among a multitude of others
In a dense forest.
Set me free.

I want to be an animal.
Independent and undisturbed
In my natural habitat.
Set me free.

I want to break away,
Away from the things that torment me.
I seek freedom,
I seek anonymity,
I seek solitude.
Set me free.

Dated 16/1/05


The world around you
Is not what it is in reality,
But is actually
How you look at it.
When you are ecstatic,
The world is a beautiful dream come true.
When you are blue,
The world is the last place you want to be in.
You are sure
The other person is making a mistake,
But look at it from his angle
You will find he is convinced
He is in the right.

Perceptions are everything.
It is necessary to exercise caution
While making perceptions,
As they dictate who you are
And what you see and hear.

Dated 27/5/05

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


You think you know me?
Guess again.
For what you see is what i show you,
Not what i really am
Not the real me.

You see my evergreen smile,
You witness my laugh.
You think i am happy
Well, think again.
You are in for a surprise,
Or should i say disappointment?

You think you understand me,
You do, my superficial self.
You have no idea what's going on
In the inside of my head.
What worries me?
What doesn't?
You couldn't have a clue to that!

I am a mystery,
That you can unravel only when i choose
To disclose myself.
I may sound complicated,
But i am just a little girl at heart;
Sensitive and diffident,
Scared of the harsh world
Ready to give and receive love.

Dated 19/5/05