Monday, October 10, 2011

A Little More Love

The world the way I see it
Can use a little more love.
I wish people could focus on the long term
And understand that human relationships matter.
The world can use more people
Who can be happy with another person's happiness
Even if it could mean a loss to them.
Who can find success in another person's success.
That there could be some way for people
To just for once empathize.
To just for once put another person's needs before their own,
Because that person is important.
I wish for people to treat other people as people
Not as assets or a means to close a transaction.
I wish for people to not control another
But to care and nurture.
It's becoming a lonely world
With all relationships bordering on the mutual exchange of benefits.
So long as you do what the other expects of you,
You are great!
The moment you have a mind of your own,
You are on your own.
There is not such a thing as unconditional love or acceptance.
It's about using another to get to their end
And then just discarding them until you need them again.
I ask the world for a little more love,
A little more love to make my day.