Friday, March 4, 2011

Matching Expectations

Recently I've been very frustrated.
It's really the concept of
The circle of control versus
The circle of influence.
I believed I could convert the circle of influence
Into the circle of control by just trying and working hard.
News? The circle of influence refused to budge.

I want to go into my future,
Simply because I believe my future is
Going to be better than my present
Just like my present is better than my past.
Dodgy logic I agree!
But hey I've never felt so optimistic about my future before
And optimism is a virtue endorsed by all!

So what's the catch?
I want my future now,
I can't wait and this is playing with my head.

Having walked into many brick walls
I've finally realized that
Sometimes in life you've just got to wait it out.
John Milton was right,
"They also serve who only stand and wait."

I used to be that person who'd wring her hands
When things did not go her way after she'd tried
And wait for her dreams to materialize
Knowing one day she'd have what she wants
And it'll be there for the whole world to see.
That logic worked for her fabulously
And I see the results of where that got her.
Now though I have become so action oriented
I don't want to wait.

I know it's all that I put in everyday
Of my waiting time that I am now where I wanted to be.
Going by that it is clear that
I need to put in all I can do everyday now
To get to where I want to go.
Patience is the key to unlock my future,
And patient I need to be.