Monday, June 9, 2008


The Journey

It is often said
The journey is more important
Than the destination.
Well, if the journey is this bad
The destination had better be good.

Dated 27 February, 2008

Why doesn't anybody understand, when I am
complaining I just wanna be listened to.
So, stop giving me solutions. You can try
telling me how good I am instead. Trust me,
it will work much better than fault
finding and exhortation.

Why is it so difficult to admit to
having made a mistake?

Why do some people derive pleasure
in making life difficult for others?

Why is it that some people refuse
to see beneath the surface? The
reality stares back at them
through a veil and they refuse to
see the truth for what it is.

Why do absolute deceit and absolute
faith so often have such a thin line
between them?

Why is it so difficult for some to
offer words of comfort or empathize?
As humans aren't we well equipped for
the task? If you don't understand this,
try listening when a person is upset
with you. Don't expect them to
say it, just observe them with compassion
and you'll find what they want through
the chaff. And most often,
it's not something expensive.

Tell me to do it and you will find me
decided not to do it. Tell me not to do it,
you'll find I've done it already.

Why can't some people understand you no
matter how long they've lived with you?
They just refuse to accept you for
who you are.