Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I let go of the past
That involves you and your deceit.
I let go of the feeling I cherished for you.

I never even looked at you.
It was you who made me fall in love
Like I can never love again.
Then, you spun an intricate web around me
Only to deceive.

If it was another
You wanted all along
Why look at me
Like you cared?
Here I was thinking
That I was special
That you could not talk to me
Because you were shy!
What a fool you must have thought of me!
And what a fool I have been
To not believe the world
And believe the look in your eyes.

I am happy
It's over
And you broke the spell
Had it been me, I'd have felt guilty
For letting you down for the rest of my life!
I find misunderstandings a lot harder to forgive than deceit.
You do not deserve me
That I know now.

What I cannot explain to myself
Is how did I have that kind of
Blind faith in you?
When I find it hard to trust most individuals
Even after a trial by fire?
It makes me believe
You did care for me once
Because my intuition could not have let me down.
Something happened that changed your mind about our relationship.
But that does not acquit you of betraying me.
And it makes me angry with myself for
Making excuses for you
After the way you treated me
And wasted my life.
Makes me believe
Love is blind.

You start a new life
With the other person.
Make sure you do not let her down.
She may not be as kind as me
To let you go as I did.

I have just one problem
I am not able to overcome.
How do I listen to the songs again that
I have associated with you?
How do I move away from
The world I created for us?

I am a strong girl.
I know I can move on.
Move on I will.
I do not blame you
Because I do not want my heart
To hold any resentment
That I cannot moderate.
While it lasted it was beautiful.
Now that it's over
I don't regret it.

Archana, dated 29/4/08