Saturday, October 13, 2007


If you ask me,
The greatest will
Is the will to go on living.
Come what may.
This will can keep your spirits
From sagging, to hold on to life
When you feel you have no reason to.
It leads you to be practical
To realize the truth
That nothing is permanent.
Neither your grief nor your ecstasy.
Besides, the more you live
The more you learn.
Someone has rightly said,
"You can die anytime. It takes courage to live."
It takes courage,
A whole lot of it
To put failures behind you,
To look beyond the present misery
When all you want to do is give up.
Don't let go of the greatest will
The will to go on living.

Dated 25/07/2007


I wish it were possible
To entirely understand
The intentions and expectations
Of another person.
To be really in their shoes,
To look at the world
From their perspective.
It is a strange wish you say?
To me, it is the ideal wish.
There would be no misunderstandings,
No complaints that
"No one understands me!"
For each person is different,
The same set of circumstances
Draw different responses from each.
What affects one the most
Does not affect the other in the least.
The ideal wish would act as a key,
A key to the complex mystery,
To restore strained relationships
Into harmony.

Dated 2/07/2005


You have broken.
My confidant,
My confidence in you
You have broken.
I trusted you,
My implicit faith in you
You have broken.
Your words now sound to me hollow.
The bright things you said,
The promises that you made
You have broken.
Exploitation of my innocence
Is what you did.
Before i snapped awake
From a nightmare of your creation,
It was too late.
It is my heart
That you break,
When you refuse
To even acknowledge the pain
You inflicted on me.

Dated 2/7/2005


He wants to speak,
She wants to speak,
They want to speak,
Nobody wants to listen.
Everyone only thinks of
Getting their points of view across
As clearly, as definitely as possible.
If everyone wants an audience
Who is going to be the audience?
Communication does not imply
All talk no one listens.
Besides, isn't it more beneficial
To listen and observe
Than let out all the personal secrets
At the slightest prodding from that other person?
It's not safe to lay all your cards on the table.
Have a trick or two up your sleeve.
Listen to understand, not to reply!
Listen to read between the lines.
The world is the listener's paradise
With such variety of information.

Dated 5th June, 2005